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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 29, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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you've got to keep that flex appeal. well, media day, famous for the light hearted questions, but then there's also the tough ones. >> mr. colin kaepernick. did you ever second guess yourself? >> i hesitate to answer those questions about that. all those questions, all those answers really lead to a lot of self-promotion and the main thing is the way colin kaepernick's played is a credit to colin kaepernick and to his teammates. it's their time. >> the harbaugh brothers will take center stage tomorrow. holding a press conference to talk about family life with jim and john, then on friday, they'll hold a joint press conference. super bowl sunday would not be complete without watching it with a group of people in some bars and san francisco are offering cheap and in some case, free drinks to draw a big crowd.
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>> you can get the good vibrations going. but that seems to be going against a warning by ed lee aim ed at bar and restaurant owners. he wants them to limit beverage sales during the super bowl action. christie smith is live in san francisco where she talked to some of those bartenders and patrons. i'm sure they're not in love with this idea. >> yeah, bartenders are offering up all sort of food and drink ideas. 49er themed of course. they are getting very creative and are very excited about super bowl sunday. some are saying they may even offer up free shots every time that the 49ers get a touchdown. that's what we're hearing may be happening. this is a far cry from what san francisco mayor ed lee was talking about just a couple of days ago when he was thinking it might be best to limit serving up bar and alcohol on super bowl sunday. lee of course trying to prevent a repeat of the type of
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vandalism after the giants won the world series. not a ban, but an idea to serve responsibly. patrons said it really doesn't make sense to have this, and unfortunately, when it comes to vandalism, people use booze as an excuse. this quest for six, it might be a tough sell to limit the party. >> well, i think it's crazy. you can't make -- without partying in san francisco. we party for everything. just heard this is for one thing, for another thing, just cause more problems. >> a certain segment of people who are just kind of idiots! and they would do it any way. >> yeah, it doesn't matter. >> now, the city is also looking at different plans including the police approach. from what they learned after the world series, muni is also reviewing its plan, too, after a bus was vandalized following the world series. the spokesperson says they've got to keep their drivers and
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passengers safe. whatever happens on super bowl sunday. now, the bartender i spoke with said this is something they do every day and that is they try their best to make sure that their patrons drink reasonably and their doing the same thing on super bowl sunday. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. meantime, a bay area sports bar is being featured in a super bowl sports issue. celebrating with cheers and some kisses, a super moment. >> sports fans -- on my mom and she cried. >> professional sports teams are embracing lbgt fans. the 49ers are part of the it gets better campaign. it's a program designed to show young lgbt people things will
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get better once they get through their teen years. >> with the super bowl coming up on sunday, a long list of niner fans will be sporting team colors. a word of warning here. counterfeiters are using this as a time to cash in. one firm reports one in five people who buy counterfeit goods don't even realize it. what codo you do? experts say counterfeiters use words like cheap or discount in front of a product name and also pay very close attention to the website name itself. make sure it's not misspelled and also, be wary of highly discounted items. if it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> stay with nbc bay area on air and on our website for complete coverage of super bowl week. a former 49er is facing some
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possible jail time, accused of beating up his ex-boyfriend. the 30-year-old pleading not guilty to felony domestic violence. he got into a fight with his ex-boyfriend in august of a parking lot of a menlo park restaurant. harris was a first round draft pick by the niners out of stanford in 2003. he's facing up to nine years in pris. the chp is on to drivers -- into a side show venue this weekend. here a look from above at the evidence left behind. you can see tire marks after several drivers decided to do burnouts on northbound 880 near the oakland coliseum. it happened saturday afternoon about 4:00. the spinning cars blocked all lanes, northbound 880 while spectators recorded the chaos on phones. the chp is now studying the
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video posted on youtube. investigators continued searching for what sparked a large house fire in san jose which ends up injufirefighters. the red cross right now assisting with six adults and five children who were left homeless. police are now involved in a hazing investigation at a catholic high school that led to five students being expelled. police say several freshmen football players at st. patrick high school claim they have been the victims of sexual hazing ritua rituals. police say the alleged assault happened in the locker room during the football season. the coach has been fireded and five of the offenders have been expelled. six months after the boy scouts reaffirmed its long
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standing ban on gays, the organization says it's rethinking its stance. the policy is under scrutiny after a boy scout was denied his eagle scout badge after he came out as gay to his troop and leaders. they organized a petition drive which has collected over 460,000 signatures. this policy has cost the boy scouts serious corporate support. intel and an arm of ups withdrew financial support because of that gay ban. the new policy would let individual chapters decide whether or not to accept gay members. the scouts will propose a policy shift next week. it could get even tougher to light up in san francisco. today, the board of supervisors could approve a proposal to ban smoking at certain street fairs and festival. another proposal would force
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landlords to disclose whether their building allowed smoking to tenants. most people are unaware their neighbors are allowed to smoke. >> follow up now to a story we brought you yesterday. pg and e says thousands of colorful gnomes in a neighborhood can stay. they have spoken to an artist responsible for these tiny paintings. they want to remove the ngomes so that over people don't follow the same pattern. the artist, well, he's agreed to help with a plan to relocate the gnomes. they have agreed to let them stay until they can find a suitable alternative. >> oakland's chilling with their gnomies. >> i like that. >> we're watching maybe bundling up right now.
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getting cold. things are going to be warming up. the trend over the next few days will be to see 60s, maybe 70s coming back. hazy sunshine, a few high clouds. take a look at the temperatures now, 51 in san jose. 52 and look at santa rosa. 55 degrees. those northwest winds and the air warms up and drys out. that's one of the spots today that we'll see temperatures climbing into the 60s, so high clouds, breezy at times through the afternoon. there you see the high clouds coming in from the north. no worries about rain today. your hour by hour forecast, we should see the high clouds thin out and your afternoon temperature, 1:00, santa rosa towards fairfield, 60s today and through 4:00 and 7:00 this evening, cooling back down into the 50s, but a chance of 70s for parts of the bay area. >> some very good news.
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thank you very much. still ahead, you're probably not going to see this around here, but the natural phenomenon is hitting the australian coast lib this morning. look out. >> like a bunch of -- and we'll tell you how you can live like a super bowl champion. guess which 49er legend is selling this place. >> a $1,000 ipad and video game. all ahead in business news. ♪
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and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! wild scene along the aus australian coast. sea foam has swallowed up beaches and towns along new south wales. it looks like so much fun. a tropical cyclone is being blamed for bringing foam as much ten feet deep from the sea. some say the foam is not dangerous to humans and it's not expected to last too long. >> that's actually what happens
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when i load the laundry detergent into the washing machine. the push to keep a promise. immigration part two here. today, president obama laying out a plan to overhaul the nation's laws, beef up the pord border and keep 11 million immigrants here in the country. tracie potts is in washington with a look at this plan, the hurdles and motivation. >> reporter: if congress drags its feet on imgrag, the white house has a plan ready. president obama will lay it out today in las vegas. the white house says it's similar to what four democrats and republicans did this monday. >> we're going to get pushback, but i think most americans are saying let's get this fixed. >> the plan puts illegal immigrants at the back of the line for citizenship after it passed background checks and learned english. the key for conservative support will be whether more border security comes first.
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>> no one should expect the members of the senate are just going to rubber stamp why a group is met and decides. >> we will never put these individuals on a path to citizenship until we have fully secured our borders. >> advocates say they'll push the plan. >> we're also going to be marching and rallying. >> we have to support our brothers and sisters, it's not just a lyty know community. >> reporter: it's political. >> the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. >> reporter: 70% voted for president obama last fall. republicans want a chunk of that vote in 2016. the plan also tracks people who come into this country on visas and ensures that before they apply for citizenship, immigrants have to prove they are working. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. on now to business and tech, a $1,000 ipad? scott mcgrew says it's no rumor. >> yes, good morning. it is real.
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apple this morning said it will sell an ipad with 128 gigabytes of memory, so the cell phone version of this with the network ship will run $929. so more than $1,000 with tax. the lesser expensive wi-fi only version will cost you a mere 7$99. ipads have really become the go to device for millions of people. yahoo! stock is up this morning a day after yahoo! said it made more money than expected. and here's something of dubious news value. a digital artist in santa cruz has created this. this is the game for nintendo. here's mark crawly sending you on a mission to find cigars somewhere in the estate. it's a -- no actual game exists, but if it had come out in 1990,
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this is indeed what the game would have looked like. bill kylely writes music for modern day video games. if you're a fan, that may just be me, then this is pure gold. back to you. >> you always find the cool stuff. a symbol of love in the south bay is coming unhinged. the los gatos town council getting rid of padlocks attached by lovers to a bridge over highway 17. more on why town officials want that display to come down. >> the idea seemed innocuous enough. couples here in the south bay latching on to the lock for love on the bridge over highway 17 here in los gatos with messages of love and friendship, commemorating anniversaries and birthdays. caltran came out to investigate and you can see this fence is flimsy and with the added weight, they became concerned
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that the structure would become compromised, especially if there was a wind storm. the big fear is that this could blow down on the cars below. they have decided all these locks must come off this friday. >> it's outrageous. well, it's not the city. it's caltran. >> but they're making the city. >> yeah. you know -- how are they hurting anything here with locks? >> i think it's a shame because it's a nice gesture. >> the museum of los gatos has decided to come up with a solution to this problem. they're going to unveil it on valentine's day. a new art exhibit that would involve some sort of bridge motif and a chain link. it would be a place for people to come hang up their locks of love without causing any safety problems for the cars and the drivers below. again, at the museum of los
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gatos on friday when the city of los gatos takes these down, they will be storing them at their corporation yard until february 15th for pick up. >> thank you very much. rob, getting a look at the forecast. some hazy skies behind you. >> showing you the view looking out on the civic side of things, you can see the mixed layer going on and our temperatures not too bad. not as cold as those 30s and 40s. 50, san francisco. santa rosa, 55 degrees. some wind picking up out of the northwest, which will help warm up temperatures. compared to what we're seeing in new orleans, it's 74 degrees. it is like a sauna there. you can see humidity, 82%. very sticky. but here's the thing to watch out by louisiana tonight. unfortunately, there's a chance of seeing some severe weather
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tonight. you could see the tornado watches coming up here in northwestern louisiana and parts of arkansas. this is going to slide toward the gulf coast later tonight, so we'll have to keep a close eye on things around new orleans. in the west, we're seeing the complete opposite. high pressure building back in, a very stable warming pattern and that will allow our temperatures to hit the mid-60s tomorrow. for the rest of the week around santa cruz, areas south of morgan hill, there's a chance of getting close to 70 by friday. filtered, hazy sunshine at times. trivalley, upper 60s, north bay, low to mid-60s around santa rosa. so the trend clearly is to warm things up as we finish off the workweek, that will take us through thursday and friday and through the weekend, some cloudy skies. we'll see those numbers cooling off, next chance of rain holding off until monday or tuesday. >> thank you so much. coming up at 11:00, if you
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can't play like a champion, at least you can live like one. that is if you have an extra $5,000 hanging around every month. >> and do you recognize this bicep? of course you do. we'll tell you about the bakery that put the muscle into this niners themed cake.
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are you looking for a place? check this out. san francisco town home. former 49er, joe montana once calleded home is now up for rent. it includes a 24-hour door man and heated community pool. it has just one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms, but includes a private roof deck and ample parking.
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but here's the kircker. $5,000 a month. budweiser says super bowl fans are in for a little surprise this sunday. the company clydesdale, how about this little guy. this year, a newborn will be featured. anheuser-busch tweeted these photos of the foal yesterday saying it was just seven days old when the commercial was filmed. the company will also ask america to help name the newborn. i suggest six pack or kegger. >> clyde. >> when we return, we'll show you what might not be on the menu come super bowl sunday. >> and we'll show you the sweet side of colin kaepernick.
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you wouldn't have easter without eggs or christmas without candy canes, but this year, a super bowl without chicken wings. >> that would be wrong. the national chicken council
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says there will be 12 million fewer wings to eat. last summer's drought drove up prices. more than a billion will be eaten this weekend. >> after eating, you cannot forget dessert and what could be sweeter than a cake in the shape of colin kaepernick's tattooed bicep. that's awesome. they need a promotion and a raise. >> good looking detail. >> thanks so much. >> snap that one up, wouldn't you? >> i would in a heart beat. >> she's serious. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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